Animation & Multimedia

The animation and multimedia industry is a growing sector in Kerala, with several companies making significant contributions to the development of the industry in the state. Here is a brief history and profile of the animation and multimedia industry in Kerala, as well as some of the top companies in the state:

History and Profile:
The animation and multimedia industry in Kerala started in the late 1990s with the establishment of small and medium-sized companies involved in graphic design, web development, and multimedia production. Over the years, the industry has grown significantly, with the establishment of several animation studios, game development companies, and post-production houses across the state. Kerala has several advantages, such as a skilled workforce, low labor costs, and a favorable business environment, that make it an attractive destination for animation and multimedia companies.

Top Animation & Multimedia Companies in Kerala:

Toonz Animation India
DQ Entertainment
Rhythm & Hues Studios
Auriga IT Solutions
Phasespace Inc.
Viaprom Technologies
Octopod Studios
Chaos Faktory
Assemblage Entertainment
Game Lab India

These companies have established a strong presence in Kerala and have contributed significantly to the growth of the animation and multimedia industry in the state. They offer a range of services, including animation production, game development, virtual reality solutions, and post-production services.

Overall, the animation and multimedia industry in Kerala has emerged as a major driver of economic growth and has created several job opportunities for the state's youth. The government's continued support for the sector and the presence of top animation and multimedia companies make Kerala an attractive destination for investments in this field.

Directory of Animation & Multimedia Firms in Kerala.