BPO Companies

Kerala has emerged as a significant destination for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in recent years. Here is a brief history and profile of the BPO industry in Kerala, as well as some of the top companies in the state:

History and Profile:
The BPO industry in Kerala started in the early 2000s with the establishment of small and medium-sized companies offering voice and non-voice services. Over the years, the industry has grown significantly, with the establishment of several BPO centers across the state. Kerala has several advantages, such as a skilled workforce, low labor costs, and a favorable business environment, that make it an attractive destination for BPO companies.

Top BPO Companies in Kerala:

Infosys BPM
EXL Service
Wipro BPO
IQ BackOffice
Allianz Technology
Ernst & Young Global Shared Services
HCL Technologies BPO Services
UST Global
IBS Software
Cognizant Technology Solutions

These companies have established a strong presence in Kerala and have contributed significantly to the growth of the BPO industry in the state. They offer a range of services, including customer support, technical support, and back-office operations.

Overall, the BPO industry in Kerala has emerged as a major driver of economic growth and has created several job opportunities for the state's youth. The government's continued support for the sector and the presence of top BPO companies make Kerala an attractive destination for BPO investments.

List of major BPO Companies in Kerala offering business transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription and medical research transcription services for clients across the globe.

Seaview Support Systems, Spectrum Softtech, GL infotech, Vintes Solutions are included.