Group of Technopark Companies (GTECH)

The mission of GTECH is to act as an interest group that promotes the cause of the community of companies in Technopark, with specific emphasis on the IT Industry.

GTECH shall carry out all activities required in pursuance of this objective, including, but limited to, improving the interaction among companies of Technopark; providing a forum where matters of common interest could be discussed and resolved; articulating the consensual views of its members to the Government, regulatory agencies, media, the general public and foreign community; and partnering with the Government and its agencies to promote Technopark and Kerala as preferred IT destinations to companies around the world.

GTECH hopes, over the short term, to grow into a powerful regional forum, comparable in terms of the scope of its activities to NASSCOM. In the process, GTECH proposes to add value to the development of the IT industry in Kerala.

Group of Technopark Companies (GTECH)
3, Park Centre, Technopark Campus, Trivandrum - 695581.