Parabrahma Temple, Ochira

Thirty four kilometers away from Kollam is Ochira. Parahbrahma Temple at Ochira is very famous. The Ochira temple has a peculiarity. There are no walls or a presiding deity. The 'Ochirakali' and 'Panthrandu Vilakku' are celebrated on the first and second of Malayalam month 'Mithunam'. These two are famous festivals at Ochira temple.

Ochira Kali is associated with the battles fought between Kollam and Kayamkulam Rajas. Martial art displays are conducted on the day of the festival. Men, irrespective of age, engage in mock duels, wielding wooden sticks in their hands on a vast ground filled with water up to the knee level.

One can reach Ochira by bus from Kollam and Alappuzha.

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