Used Cars : Negotiating price and Transferring Ownership

5) NOC (No Objection Certificate) issued by the finance company

6) PUC Certificate

7) Form 35

You must have a copy of this form duly signed by the financier.

While buying the car from an individual enquire why he is selling the car, how the car was used.

Proceed further only if you get the right answer. Always look for what your instinct says about the purchase. Talk with the seller look if he is contradicting.

Negotiating the price

There is nothing wrong in negotiating the price. The worst that can happen is a no. you are into it because of the value of money concern .So bargain.

Never buy a car on your first visit and don't be pushed into paying a deposit.

Transferring of ownership

The following documents have to be submitted to the RTO to affect the transfer of ownership of the car:

Form TCR - Intimation of transfer by Transferor (Seller)

Form TCA - Intimation of transfer by Transferee (Buyer)

Form No.30 - Report of transfer of ownership of vehicle

Form No.29 - Notice of transfer of ownership of vehicle. This form is used to notify the RTO 'transfer of ownership' of the car and to obtain confirmation from the RTO.

PUC Certificate

Address proof of the Buyer

Valid Insurance policy

Evidence of payment of all taxes up to date.

Form No.28 Application for N.O.C. and grant of certificate.