Mr. Kerala Beauty Pageant

MR Kerala is an annual male beauty pageant held in Kerala, India. The pageant is organized by various event management companies and aims to showcase the talent, intelligence, and physical fitness of young men in Kerala.

Contestants are judged on various criteria, including physical fitness, personality, intelligence, and talent. The winner of the pageant is crowned MR Kerala and is awarded a prize, as well as opportunities to represent Kerala at various national and international pageants.

The pageant provides a platform for young men to showcase their talent and skills, and also offers opportunities for personal and professional growth. Many contestants who participate in the pageant have gone on to pursue successful careers in modeling, acting, and other fields.

In addition to the pageant, MR Kerala also organizes various other events and activities throughout the year, such as fashion shows, talent contests, and charity events. The pageant also promotes social causes, such as men's health, fitness, and education.

MR KERALA is the most competitive pageant in Kerala. The pageant explores and bring together young talent for the fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industry.

The main aim of the event is to provide a platform to the budding stars yearning for the correct launch pad in Kerala. The pageant will include categories as modelling , acting , dancing , singing , comedy & many more.

Mr. Kerala Beauty Pageant
Athanikkal,Calicut, India 673005

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