Malayalam Channels

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Malayalam television channels refer to television networks that broadcast content primarily in the Malayalam language, catering to viewers in the Indian state of Kerala and the Malayali diaspora around the world. These channels provide a variety of programming, including news, entertainment, movies, serials, reality shows, game shows, music, and more.

The history of Malayalam television channels dates back to the early 1990s. The first Malayalam-language satellite television channel to launch was Asianet, which commenced its operations on 26th January 1993. Asianet quickly gained popularity and became a leading television network in Kerala, offering a range of programs and establishing a strong viewership base.

Following the success of Asianet, several other channels entered the Malayalam television market. Some notable channels that emerged over the years include:

Mazhavil Manorama: Launched in 2011, it is a general entertainment channel owned by the Malayala Manorama group.

Surya TV: Started in 1998, Surya TV is a popular Malayalam entertainment channel owned by Sun Network.

Flowers TV: Introduced in 2015, Flowers TV focuses on youth-oriented programming and has gained a dedicated following.

Kairali TV: Established in 2000, Kairali TV is one of the earliest Malayalam channels and offers a mix of entertainment, news, and cultural programs.

Amrita TV: Launched in 2005, Amrita TV is a channel that focuses on spiritual and cultural content.

Manorama News: It is a prominent Malayalam news channel owned by the Malayala Manorama group, providing round-the-clock news coverage.

Mathrubhumi News: Started in 2013, Mathrubhumi News is another popular Malayalam news channel.

These are just a few examples of Malayalam television channels, and there are several other regional, entertainment, and niche channels catering to different audience preferences.

Over the years, Malayalam television channels have played a significant role in shaping the media landscape in Kerala, providing entertainment, news, and information to a wide audience. The channels continue to evolve with the changing media landscape and advancements in technology, delivering diverse content and engaging the viewers.

TV Channels in Malayalam popular in Kerala. All the major channels are listed here namely Asianet, Surya TV, Kairali TV, Jeevan TV, Asianet Plus, Amrita TV and Malayalam Television. The channel's brief information and their website links are also listed here.

  • Asianet : Asianet is the largest Malayalam satellite television channel. Asianet Malayalam TV Channel telecast movies serials and music based programmes like Idea Star Singer.
  • Drishyam TV : First Free Malayalam Television Channel on the Internet
  • Kairali TV : Kairali TV is a Malayalam television channel and is the first public limited channel in the world to be started with money collected from the common man
  • Surya TV : Surya TV is the largest entertainment channel in Malayalam. The channel is also, the First Digital Channel of India.
  • Indiavision : Indiavision is an Indian news channel in Malayalam based at Kochi. It was the first full fledged News Channel in Malayalam.
  • Amrita TV : Amrita Television is a fully integrated entertainment television broadcast company and a wholly owned division of the Amrita Enterprises Private Limited.
  • AsianetPlus : Asianet Plus is owned by Asianet Communications Limited, headed by Dr.Raji Menon, with its head offices at Studio Complex, Puliyarakonam, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Manorama News : MM TV or Manorama News is a 24-hour Malayalam news channel owned and operated by the Malayala Manorama news house.
  • Jeevan TV : Committed to be a complete family channel with its wholesome entertainment, proud heritage and cultural programmes, thoroughly investigated facts and news, Jeevan TV gives a macroscopic view of Kerala.
  • Malayalam Television : MalayalamTelevision focus on Kerala, its economy and enviornment relevent to the souls abroad. The difference from the other channels and news magazines is their programming philosophy.