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In Kerala, there are several English-language television channels available that cater to viewers who prefer content in the English language. These channels primarily broadcast news, entertainment, movies, lifestyle, and educational programs targeting English-speaking audiences. Some of the notable English channels available in Kerala include:

CNN-News18: It is an English-language news channel that provides comprehensive news coverage, analysis, and discussions on various topics.

BBC World News: This international news channel offers in-depth coverage of global news, current affairs, business, and more.

CNN International: CNN International delivers news and analysis on global events, politics, business, technology, sports, and other topics.

NDTV 24x7: NDTV 24x7 is an English news channel that covers a wide range of news stories, including politics, current affairs, business, and entertainment.

Discovery Channel: Discovery Channel broadcasts educational and informative content related to science, nature, technology, history, and more.

National Geographic Channel: National Geographic Channel features programming focused on nature, wildlife, exploration, and scientific discoveries.

AXN: AXN is an entertainment channel that offers a mix of action, drama, reality shows, and popular international TV series.

Movies Now: Movies Now is a dedicated English movie channel that showcases a wide variety of Hollywood films.

Romedy Now: Romedy Now is a channel that offers a blend of romantic comedies, light-hearted dramas, and feel-good movies.

Zee Café: Zee Café is an English entertainment channel that features popular TV series, reality shows, and talk shows.

Major English TV Channels viewed in Kerala. All the popular channels like Star World, Reality TV, Discovery Channel, AXN, Discovery Kids, Animal Planet, National Geographic channel, History Channel are listed here with their website links and informations.

  • FTV : Fashion TV is an international television channel devoted to fashion and modelling. This site features FTV guide, shopping, programs, model search, fashion search, contact details, fashion videos, dating and more.
  • A1 : Programming on A1 covers Adventure Sports, Adventure Travel, Asia Adventure, Adventure News, Adventure Personalities, Adventure Bloopers, and Classic Adventure.
  • AXN : AXN is a Sony Pictures Entertainment company Channel featuring shows, movies, series etc. AXN can also be seen in 40 million cable television households on time-block basis in China.
  • Reality TV : Reality TV is the only TV channel dedicated to showing reality programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reality TV shows real people and true stories.
  • Animal Planet : Animal Planet is a cable and satellite television network co-owned 80% by Discovery Communications, Inc and 20% by BBC Worldwide.Animal Planet has grown to become television's leading broad-based, family-friendly entertainment network.
  • Discovery Channel : Discovery Spans the Globe Now with 1.3 billion cumulative subscribers around the world, Discovery Communications is the leading global real-world media and entertainment company.
  • History Channel : Reaching more than 200 million viewers in 70 countries, versioned in 20 languages, The History Channel is the only international television network devoted exclusively to historical programming.
  • Discovery Kids : Discovery Kids is providing young viewers with the highest-quality entertainment on the air today.
  • Star World : STAR World is STAR Group's premiere English-language Entertainment TV-channel which is shown in the Asian region and in the Middle-east
  • National Geographic Channel : The National Geographic Channel is a subscription television network that features documentaries produced by the National Geographic Society.