Indian Orthodox Herald

Indian Orthodox Herald is a Biweekly Publication sponsored for the propagation of the faith of the Early Apostolic Church published by BMM Creations Inc. Philadelphia, USA, a non profit organization.

The attempt is motivated to bring together all the Malankara Orthodox Christians originating from Kerala, including the new generations born anywhere in the world with an ancestral root in Kerala.

The items send for publication will be reviewed and suitable items will be published in forthcoming issues, non-remunerative. Articles should be of Orthodox faith or of Christian Literal value. The Site will be refreshed every fortnight and News items on daily basis.

B. M. M. Creations Inc, a registered non-profit organization, in 2002 started publishing Indian Orthodox Herald English Edition with news and information of Indian Orthodox Church for its community around the world.

In 2005 March 1 started its Malayalam Edition by establishing a full-fledged office in India. Every other days the Malayalam Edition is being published.

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