Idukki is one of the largest districts in Kerala and derives its name from the term idukku. The word is of Malayalam origin and means narrow gorge.

Idukki in Kerala is primarily a hill station and well noted for two things- the extensive spice plantations and the various power projects that are established in the hilly terrains of Idukki. This district is an important supplier of electricity which amounts to nearly 80% of the production.

Leaving aside its natural beauty, Idukki is equally famous for the wildlife sanctuaries, Anamudi peak, the highest peak in Kerala, tea and rubber plantations and nature trails. A heaven for nature lovers, Idukki also boasts of having the highest arch dam in entire Asia.

Mother Nature has blessed Idukki with an open heart. From dreamy hill stations like Munnar and Devikulam to lofty mountains, gurgling streams, valleys full of flowers and meadows filled with soft green grass, spice and tea plantations, the Idukki district in Kerala has it all. Idukki is located in the southern part of Kerala and is termed as a landlocked district spreading over an area of 5019 sq kilometers. The power of Mother Nature is harnessed to fulfill all the urban requirements in this district but then also the charm and magic of Nature has remained invincible.

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