Kerala Hindu Wedding - Shopping, Wedding Day and Marriage Customs

Shopping for Jewellery and Clothes Shopping for Jewellery has to be done at a proper time when the Gold prices are at a minimum. But this is not always possible, since many marriages are fixed with only very less time in between the marriage fixing and the marriage. So the ornaments can be bought from a named jeweller. It is always better to buy 91.6 BIS Hallmarked jewellery for high re-sale value. Wedding Saree and other clothes needed for the bride can be purchased from good textiles and garments shop.

Booking Beautician for Bridal Make-up and Mehendi A good beautician must be arranged for the bridal make-up. A beautician can make a bride look very good on the wedding day with proper make-up. Mehendi is a custom in Hindu marriages also. Good Mehendi designs can be put by the beautician who are specially trained for that.

Wedding Day

Bride should be ready before time for marriage. The elders should be given 'Dakshina'. The groom's side has to bring the wedding garlands to be exchanged during the ceremony.

Marriage Customs

After the bride and groom are welcomed and made to sit in the mandapam, Dakshina will be given to the parents from both sides by the bride and the groom. Then when the muhurtham arrives 'Thalikttu' should be performed. The garlands are exchanged by the bride and groom. The girl's father does the 'Kanyadanam' after the groom gives the 'Manthrakodi' to the bride. The bride and the groom will be given Milk and Banana by the bride's mother and relatives.

There may be difference in the above customs with changes in the area and the community. Different communities will have different rituals for marriage. The ritual described above is of Nair Marriage.

Adukkala Kanal

'Adukkala Kanal' is a custom among Hindus. The Bride's mother and some relatives will go to the Groom's house with sweets and savourites. The custom is to see her daughter's new house and the environment. At some places, the groom's family will present the people from the bride's home who came to their home with some clothes. The newly wed couple would be bought to the bride's home after 2-3 days after marriage.

There are many other customs prevailing among different groups of people in Kerala. Whatever it is, the marriage is a very enchanting experience for all the people. People from the whole family and the extended families comes together during a marriage. So it is a very happy occasion to celebrate.