Vaidyamadom Vaidyasala

Vaidyamadom Mezhathoor is a popular Ayurveda Hospital in Kerala.

Vaidyamadom family is one among the rare breed of ashtavaidya families of Kerala. This is the only family in Kerala which belongs to Bharadwajeeya group .Vaidyamadom Valiya Narayanam Namboodiri is a link in the chain of ashtavaidya tradition in Kerala.

Vaidyamadom vaidyas are the only allowed ashtavaidyas in places of religious rituals like yagnas. Among Ashtavaidya families, Vaidyamadom has a crowning position. The present head of the family has wrapped the Vaidyasala in modern outfit.

Lord Dhakshinamoorthy is the family deity of the Vaidyamadom. They start the day only after the prayers and worshipping of the family god.

Ashtavaidyan Vaidyamadom Cheriya Narayanan Namboodiri,
Palakkad 679 534.

Phone : 0466-2272044, 2272255