Santhimadom Agro Farm

Santhimadom Agro Farm is an agricultural farm located in Kerala, India. The farm produces a variety of crops and also has facilities for livestock farming. They also have a small shop on the premises where visitors can purchase fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables. The farm promotes organic farming practices and offers training programs for farmers who want to adopt sustainable and eco-friendly farming methods.

Santhimadom Agro Farm produces high yielding varieties of medicinal plants, tree saplings and ornamental plants. At the Agro farm 100000 mother trees are available,from which high yielding hybrids of ornamental plants,medicinal trees & herbs are developed.

Santimadom Agro Farm supplies Kerala medicinal plants, pathimukham tree sapling. Santhimadom Agro Farm also produces high yielding varieties of medicinal plants.

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