Sadhoo Merry Kingdom, Kannur

Sadhoo Merry Kingdom is a popular amusement park located in Chala, Kannur district, Kerala, India. The park was opened in 2014 and is spread across an area of 10 acres. It is owned and operated by the Sadhoo Group.

Sadhoo Merry Kingdom offers a range of attractions and rides for visitors of all ages. Some of the popular rides include the Ferris Wheel, the Columbus Ride, the Wave Pool, and a range of other water slides and amusement rides. The park also has a 5D theatre and a virtual reality gaming zone.

Apart from the rides and attractions, Sadhoo Merry Kingdom also has a range of facilities, including restaurants, snack counters, a shopping area, and a first-aid centre. The park is known for its safety measures and is considered a popular destination for families and tourists visiting Kannur. The park also hosts a number of events and celebrations throughout the year, including New Year's Eve parties and cultural festivals.

Sadhoo Merry Kingdom, the most modern man made sophisticated water theme park, is situated on a hillock at Chala Hills, Kannur.

Sadhoo Merry Kingdom started functioning since April 2007. The park offers spectacular and amazing variety of entertainments for the whole family and is one of the most exciting family holiday destinations in Southern India.

The location of the Park is so ideal that the visitors will be immersed in thrilling entertainments for the day while remaining in a serene atmosphere of peace and tranquility.The park has 25 water and dry rides, 3 spacious restaurants and shopping area.

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