'Padanjali' is an exclusive ayurvedic treatment centre for burns & burn wounds. The herbal balm has been successful in treating some tough cases of burns. The herbal medicine healed wounds and even restored sensation in many cases.

'Padanjali' specializes in keloid treatment and burn healing. 'Padanjali' provides ayurvedic herbal treatment for keloids, burns, scars,sunburn, wounds. Agnijit balm is used to treat keloid.

Agnijith is the healing and soothing balm given to heal severe 'Burn wounds' by Dr. Parmeswaran Nair.

It is difficult to remove keloids completely by allopathic treatment. Surgery is not a good option because the scar formed from surgery may grow into another keloid. Though there is no any dependable allopathic treatment to cure keloids, Dr. Parameswan Nair’s Agnijith balm is a very effective remedy.

Padanajali Ayurvedic (p) Ltd.
Thangalpadi, Kuttippuram
Malappuram [Dist]
Kerala- India.
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