Kunchacko Boban

Kunchacko Boban is an Indian film actor who primarily works in Malayalam cinema. He was born on November 2, 1976, in Alappuzha, Kerala, India. Kunchacko Boban made his acting debut in 1997 with the Malayalam film Aniathipravu, directed by Fazil.

He gained popularity for his performances in films like Nakshathrathaarattu, Kasthooriman, and Ee Snehatheerathu. Kunchacko Boban is known for his natural acting style and has won several awards, including the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in the film Ee Snehatheerathu.

Apart from his acting career, Kunchacko Boban is also a film producer and has produced several successful films under his production company, Udaya Pictures. He is also a philanthropist and is involved in several charitable activities.

Kunchacko Boban started his film career with film Aniyathipravu with Shalini. After that he acted in many hit movies like Niram, Swapnakoodu, Kalyana Raman, Kastooriman etc

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