Kaivalyam Retreat, Munnar

Kaivalyam Retreat, Moolakada, Pallivasal, is a Yoga and holistic resort in Munnar.

Kaivalyam Retreat provides a year around destination to domestic as well as international travelers to indulge in learning experience of holistic lifestyle with traditional form of Yoga and organic way of living and dining.

Kaivalyam acts as a hideout with seclude environment for visitors to shape their body, mind and soul with right balance of pancha-tatva.

Kaivalyam Retreat
Moolakada, Pallivasal
Munnar - 685612

Telephone - (91) 4865 232628 or (91) 9495821617
Email - kaivalyam@ymail.com, mail@footprints2india.com

Web : http://www.kaivalyam.footprints2india.com/