Current Books

Current Books is the retail store division of DC Books, the first ISO certified publishing house in India.

In 1977, D C Kizhakemuri, the founder of DC Books, took over Current Books, a bookstore that was established in 1952. Current Books has become a part and parcel of the lives of Keralites.

Current Books has completed over 56 years of highly commendable retailing business and is among the few retail stores that have the backing of its own publishing house. It has now grown from 6 to 36 stores in and around Kerala.

This makes it the largest square feet holder of book retailing in India. The bookstores deal not only in DC’s own publications but titles that spread across all languages and genres including fiction, spiritual, self-help, motivational, parenting, world literature, science, home making, academic, arts, children’s literature and so on.

Some of the stores deal not only in books but also in music CDs, multimedia and even house their own coffee shops making a celebration of book buying for the common man.

Current books MDC,
K K Road, Kottayam.
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Current books,
Kalarickal Bazar, Kottayam.
Phone : .: +91-481-2562260

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