Ashtavaidyan Thrissur Thaikat Mooss S.N.A. Oushadhasala

Ashtavaidyan Thrissur Thaikat Mooss S.N.A. Oushadhasala is a renowned Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer in Kerala, India. The company has a history of over 150 years and is considered one of the oldest and most respected Ayurvedic institutions in the country.

The company follows the traditional Ashtavaidya system of Ayurveda, which means "eight branches of Ayurveda." The system includes eight specializations such as internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry, toxicology, geriatrics, ENT, and rejuvenation therapy. The Ashtavaidyas are known for their expertise in these areas and are considered to be the highest authorities in Ayurvedic medicine.

Ashtavaidyan Thrissur Thaikat Mooss S.N.A. Oushadhasala offers a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines, including herbal powders, tablets, oils, and decoctions. The company uses traditional methods of preparation and the best quality natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality of its products. The medicines are formulated by experienced Ayurvedic doctors and are manufactured under strict quality control measures.

The company also offers Ayurvedic treatment and consultation services at its clinic in Thrissur. The clinic has experienced Ayurvedic doctors who provide personalized treatment plans based on individual needs and health conditions.

Overall, Ashtavaidyan Thrissur Thaikat Mooss S.N.A. Oushadhasala is a respected Ayurvedic institution that is known for its commitment to traditional Ayurvedic principles and the highest quality of its products and services. The company has won several awards for its contributions to the field of Ayurveda and is a trusted name in Ayurvedic medicine in India and abroad.

S N A OUSHADHASALA is preparing more than 400 Ayurvedic Formulations and is having a very effective Quality Control System in the partially modernised production unit. It has an exclusive network of 200 out-lets in and abroad.

Government approved renowned Ayurvedic treatment center offer panchakarma treatments in traditional atmosphere with modern facilities.

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