Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple

Thirunakkara Mahadeva temple is situated 1.5km away from Kottayam Railway Station. Right in the heart of the city of Kottayam ,this Siva Temple built in the grand architectural style unique to Kerala,by the Maharajah of Tekkumkoor. Sri Parameswara is the presiding deity. The main offerings in trhis temple are 'Chathu-satha' and Dhara. The speciality of this temple is that, the Brahmin Ladies will not enter here and the people of a particular caste 'Moosad', will not carry the idols of the God. The annual ten-day festival at the temple draws to a close with the Aaraattu ceremony. Folk arts like Mayilattom, Velakali etc, are presented in the temple premises in the evening. Another major attraction is the Kathakali performances during the festival.

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