Sambar With Coconut

Sambar with grinded coconut is a different sambar recipe using coconut. Ingredients Tur dal - 3 table spoon Potato - 1 big ( cut into 14-16 piece) Onion - 1 big ( cut into 6 piece) Tomato - 1 big ( cut into 10-12 piece) Drumstick- 2( cut into small finger size) Ladies finger - 4 ( each one cut into 4 piece ) Turmeric- a pinch Tamarind water- 1 cup (tamarind soak in water for sometime and take that water- or use paste) Grated coconut - 5 tablespoon Sambar powder 2 -3 tablespoon Salt to taste Method Grind coconut well. Cook dal with potato, onion and drumstick. Then cook tomato and ladies finger in tamarind water, adding turmeric powder and salt. When done add the dal and vegitables . Boil well. Add sambar powder, then coconut paste. Again, boil for few minutes. When done heat oil and fry, mustard, curry leaves and dry chilli pieces and add this to sambar.