Olan is a traditional Kerala dish usually made on occasions like Onam, Vishu and Weddings. It is served as a part of Sadya. It is prepared from pumpkin, coconut milk and seasoned with coconut oil. Ingredients Raw Banana/ Ilavan - 50 g Pumpkin - 15 g Achinga Payar - 1 Vanpayar (Soaked) - 25 g Green Chillies - 1 nos Coconut Oil - 10 ml Coconut Milk - 50 ml Curry leaves Salt - as required Method Cut the Raw Banana and Pumpkin as thin slices, and Achinga Payar length-wise. Cook the vegetables along with salt and water covered with a lid on a hard bottomed vessel. Cook the vanpayar separately and add it to the other vegetables. Pour the coconut milk, coconut oil and curry leaves on the top and serve hot.