Neyyappam is a tasty snack made of rice flour and jaggery in ghee. It is given as a Prasadam in some temples. Ingredients Rava - 3/4 cup Flour - 3/4 cup Molasses syrup - 8 dsp Sultanas - 2 dsp Oil of Dalda to fry Coconut sliced thin - 2 dsp Ghee - 1 dsp Soda-bi-carb -1 pinch Method In a vessel mix the rava, flour and soda-bi-carb. Fry the sliced coconuts to a golden brown and add to the mixture. Then fry the sultanas. Add both the sultanas and the rest of the ghee to the above mixture. Finally add hot molasses syrup. Add enough water and mix thoroughly to get a thick but dropping consistency. Now heat dalda in a small frying pan and drop one spoon of batter each (5 or 6 spoons of the mixture at a time) and deep fry till nicely browned. There will be about 25 Neyyappams.