Bhabhara is a North Indian Dish which can made from Atta and served using chilly sauce or tomato sauce. Atta - 200g Big Onion - 50g Tomato - 2 Coriander leaves - a few Green Peas cooked - 50g Cashew Nuts broken into small pieces - 2 tbsp Kismis - 1 tbsp Vegetable Masala - 20g Oil - 1 cup Water - 3 and a half cup Green Chilly - as required Salt - for taste Method Mix Atta and Water without forming lumps. Add the sliced onions, tomato, green peas, cashew nuts, kismis, vegetable masala, salt and green chilly to this mix. Add enough water to make it a smooth paste. Heat oil in a frying pan. Pour the mixture to the pan with a ladle and spread it as an omelet. Add oil on the top and turn sides when it comes off the pan from the sides. When both sides are cooked, take from the tawa and serve with chilly or tomato sauce.