Masala Mor

Masala Mor or Spiced Buttermilk is the best low-calorie drink you can have. Ingredients Yogurt / curd - 1 cup Water - 4-5 cups Ginger - 1 small piece Green Chilly - 1 Method Take a cup of thick yogurt / curd, best if you have homemade yogurt. Add 4-5 cups of water to dilute it. Take one small piece of ginger, one small green chilli ( must be the hot variety), a small bunch of clean coriander / cilantro and 3-4 curry leaves. Pound them together with some sea salt with mortar-pestle, or any other available gadget. Add them to the diluted yogurt. Using a hand blender, blend the yogurt with water and pounded spices. You may roast half tsp of mustard seeds either dry or pop them in very little hot oil to garnish the buttermilk.