Kerala Porotta

Kerala Porotta is very popular among Kerala People. The dish is served almost all Kerala restaurants. Ingredients
  • Maida-2 cups
  • Luke warm Water - enough to prepare the dough
  • Oil - 1 tbsp
  • Salt-to taste
Method Combine all the ingredients and make a dough as we do for chappathi. Keep it covered with wet cotton cloth for about an hour . Make the dough into 10 medium sized balls. Take one ball and apply oil on that. Apply oil on a flat surface and flatten the dough ball as big and as thin as possible. Apply some more oil on the flattened dough. Now you can roll the dough as pleates as you do for sarees. Fold the pleated dough into a spiral shape. Repeat the procedure for all the balls. Cover it with a wet cloth. Now heat the tava to medium heat. Roll the spiral balls like chappathis, but not as thin as chappathis. Do not apply any flour on the dough. Apply ghee or oil if you need. Cook the porottas on the tava adding one or 2 tsp of oil and turning sides for about 2 minutes. When 3-4 poraottas are made, keep them together on a flat surface and beat them slowly, the porottas should not break. Now tasty Kerala Porotta is ready to serve.