Puttu Recipes

Puttu is a culinary specialty in Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka and Kerala. It is a steamed rice cake which is a favourite breakfast of most Tamils and Malayalees. In Kerala, Puttu is a favorite item served with Kadala (Chenna) Curry or Banana or Papadams. Puttu is normally made of rice powder, but other variations with wheat flour, flour made from tapioca and even maida are also used. Puttu is also served with spicy egg curry, and chicken stew. Puttu is steamed in a special utensil called Puttu Kutti (Puttu maker). It consists of two sections. The lower bulkier portion is where the water for steaming is stored. The upper detachable leaner portion which is separated from lower portion with peforated lids so as to allow the steam to pass through and bake the rice powder which has been filled. The upper portion of the leaner section is covered with a peforated cup shaped lid once it is filled with rice powder. Many people use idly moulds also to make puttu. One can use a coconut shell also to make puttu. It is called as Chiratta Puttu. "Chiratta" means coconut shell.