Pathiris are Malabar speciality cooking, Malabar people make the thin mouth-watering pathiries. Ingredients Rice Flour- 2cups Water- 2 cups Salt-to taste Thick Coconut Milk-1/4 cup Method Boil the water with salt. When it is boiling nicely, pour in the flour, make a hole in the center with the handle of a long handled spoon, cover with a lid, lower the heat and let it cook for a minute. Uncover and stir well with the handle till it is well mixed. Remove from fire and keep covered for another 10 minutes. When it is cool enough to touch, empty the flour mix on to a wide plate. Knead well for about 5 minutes without adding any more water till the dough is no longer sticky. Take balls of the dough of about the size of a small lemon. Roll it out evenly into very thin pathiris. Sprinkle rice flour while rolling to prevent sticking. Cut with a round cutter or a lid with sharp edges to make perfect rounds. Heat up a tava/griddle and when it is medium hot, place a pathiri on it. After a few seconds, turn it over. Repeat this once more. When you see the pathiri turning opaque, use the back of a spoon to spread the heat, without pressing down too hard. When it puffs up, remove it from the griddle. Smear a tablespoon of coconut milk on each pathiri and keep covered. Alternately, each pathiri is dipped in coconut milk just before serving.