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Panachikkad Saraswathi Temple is a Hindu temple located in the village of Panachikkad in the Kottayam district of Kerala, India. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi, who is worshipped as the goddess of learning, knowledge, and wisdom.

The temple is believed to have been established during the 14th century and has undergone several renovations and restorations over the years. The temple's main deity, Goddess Saraswathi, is depicted here with four hands, holding a book, a rosary, and a lotus, and a "Veena" (a musical instrument) in one hand.

One of the unique features of Panachikkad Saraswathi Temple is its annual festival, Vidyarambham, which is celebrated during the Navaratri festival in the month of September-October. The festival is marked by thousands of young children being initiated into the world of knowledge by writing the first letters of the alphabet on rice spread on a plate, with the help of a teacher. It is believed that the blessings of Goddess Saraswathi will help the children in their education and knowledge pursuits.

The temple also has a unique tradition of devotees offering "Vidyarambham" (initiation into knowledge) to the deity by offering rice spread on a plate with the first letters of the alphabet written on it. This tradition is believed to have started during the reign of King Sakthan Thampuran of Cochin in the 18th century.

Overall, Panachikkad Saraswathi Temple is an important religious and cultural landmark in Kerala and is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in exploring the rich heritage and traditions of the state. The temple's unique deity, Saraswathi, and cultural significance make it a one-of-a-kind temple in India.

The Saraswathi Temple known as 'Dakshina Mookambika temple' is situated at Panachikkad about 10 km from Kottayam on the way to Changanasseri.

Panachikkad Temple is dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi and is very popular among devotees. People throng the temple in large numbers during the Vidyarambham days (Saraswati Pooja) during the Malayalam month of Thulam (Sep-Oct), to initiate the education of their children.

Panachikkad Temple has Lord Vishnu as the main deity and there is separate sanctum sanctorum for Goddess Saraswathi. The unique feature of Panachikkad temple is the presence of Yakshi temple, which is covered in creepers and the main idol is not visible now. Water always flows here even in peak summer time.

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