Malayalam Films in the 60s and 70s

During the sixties, many of the Malayalam films were based on the literary works of the prominent writers of the time like Thakazhi, Kesavadev, Parappurath, Vaikom Mohammed Basheer, M.T.Vasudevan Nair, and Thoppil Bhasi. The most popular movie of the Malayalam film industry Chemmeen based on the novel written by Thakazhy Sivasankaran Pillai, was released in 1965. The film was directed by Ramu Kariat. The music was by Salil Chowdary, songs by Manna Dey and editing by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Chemmeen won the National Award for the year. The film casted Madhu, Sheela, Sathyan, Kottarakkara, and many of the popular actors of the time. The film is still viewed by the film lovers.

P.Bhaskaran's Iruttinte Athmavu (1967) and A.Vincent's Thulabharam (1968) had also won the National Awards. Some of the popular films of the 60's include:

* Mudiyanaya Puthran (1961)

* Ninamaninja Kalpadukal (1963)

* Bharagavai Nilayam (1964)

* Murappennu

* Kavyamela (1965)

* Odayil Ninnu (1965)

* Anveshichu Kandethiyilla (1967)

* Adhyapika (1968)

* Kavalam Chundan (1967)

The 70s saw the emergence of a new wave in the Malayalam cinema. Adoor Gopalakrishnan's first film Swayamvaram (1972) brought Malayalam cinema to the International film arena. M.T.Vasudevan Nair directed the film Nirmalyam in 1973 and the film won the President's Gold medal for the Best film. G. Aravindan followed Adoor's lead with his Uttarayanam in 1974. K. P. Kumaran's 'Adhithi' (1974) was another film which was acclaimed by the critics. John Abraham, K. R. Mohanan, K. G. George, and G. S. Panikkar were products of the Pune Film Institute who made significant contributions to Malayalam Cinema.

Some of the Best films released in the 1970's were:

* Olavum Theeravum (1970 by P.N. Menon)

* Swayamvaram (1972, by Adoor Gopalakrishnan)

* Nirmalyam (1973, by M.T.Vasudevan Nair)

* Uttarayanam (1974, by G. Aravindan)

* Swapnadanam (1975, by K.G.George)

* Chuvanna Vithukal (1976, by P.A. Becker)

* Kodiyettam (1977, by Adoor Gopalakrishnan)

* Kanchana Sita (1977, by G. Aravindan)

* Thamp (1978, by G. Aravindan)

* Agni (1978, by C.Radhakrishnan)

* Aswathama (1978, by K.R.Mohanan)

* Ekakini (1978, by G.S.Pnicker)

* Peruvazhiyambalam (1979, by P.Padmarajan)

* Oridothoru Fayalvan (P.Padmarajan)

* Prayanam (Bharathan)

* Kummatty (1979, by G. Aravindan)

The leading actors and actresses of these decades were Prem Nazir, the evergreen her, Madhu, Adoor Bhasi and Bahadur (The Comedian Pair), K.P. Ummer, Jose Prakash, Jayan, Soman, Sankaradi, Sukumaran, Sheela, Sharada, Jaya Bharathi, Vijaya Shree and Rani Chandra. Prem Nazir who acted in more than 500 films in his whole career has received the title Padma Bhushan.