Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair was a Malayali Indian poet, playwright, script writer, lyricist, orator, film director and actor, though he is best known as an actor in Malayalam cinema.

He is the recipient of Padmashri from the Government of India, which is one of the highest civilian honors in India. In a career that spanned about 47 years, he acted in over 700 films. He is considered to be the first movie star in Malayalam cinema.

Sukumaran Nair was born on 16 October 1916 in the village of Thikkurissy, then a part of Travancore. Thikkurissy, the village is now in Nanchinadu, Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu.Thikkurissy married 3 times in his life.

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