The Statesman

The Statesman is one of India's oldest English-language newspapers, first published in Kolkata in 1875. The newspaper has a long history of independent journalism and is known for its unbiased reporting and analysis of news and events.

The Statesman covers a wide range of topics, including national and international news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and culture. The newspaper has a network of correspondents across India and around the world, providing readers with in-depth coverage of important events and developments.

In addition to its print edition, The Statesman is also available online, with a digital version that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The newspaper's website features the latest news, articles, and features from the print edition, as well as multimedia content, including videos and photo galleries.

The Statesman has a daily circulation of around 180,000 copies and is widely respected for its journalism. The newspaper has won numerous awards for its reporting, including the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award for Best Investigative Reporting in 2018.

The Statesman is one of India's oldest English newspapers.

It was founded in Kolkata in 1875 and is directly descended from The Friend of India. The Englishman (founded 1821) was merged with The Statesman in 1934. The Statesman Weekly is a compendium of news and views from the Kolkata and Delhi editions. Printed on airmail paper, it is popular with readers outside India.

The Statesman is a leading English newspaper in West Bengal. The Sunday Statesman has a circulation of 230,000. The Statesman has distinguished itself through objective coverage of events, its value as an honest purveyor of news emphasised at times of crisis.

The Statesman is committed to the cause of the environment and supports the use of recycled newsprint.

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