The Deccan Chronicle

The Deccan Chronicle is the no.1 daily in Andhra Pradesh and the 4th most-read English daily in India.

The Deccan Chronicle is established in Hyderabad in 1938, Renowned journalist and author M.J. Akbar, as Editor-in-Chief, steers the content of the paper. It has editions from Hyderabad and Chennai.

Deccan Chronicle offers Daily India News, Election, Political News, Top Indian News Stories & Today's Headlines and covering Business, Education etc.

In 2005, Deccan Chronicle's foray into the Chennai market produced spectacular results: within three months of its launch in March 2005, it took over half the market share of English dailies. This upward trend continues.

The Deccan Chronicle has a loyal reader base that appreciates the paper for its daily news on current affairs, politics and business, as also on society, art, culture, lifestyle, fashion and films among other things.

Its dedicated team of journalists evolves with the readers' needs, understanding their desire for information, providing them with the tools that can keep them ahead in their professional and personal lives.

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