Kerala Gazette

he Kerala Gazette is an official publication of the Government of Kerala, India. It is published every week and contains notifications, orders, rules, regulations, and other official announcements issued by various departments of the government.

The Kerala Gazette serves as an important source of information for citizens, businesses, and government officials, as it provides access to official notifications and orders issued by the government. It contains information on various topics, such as land acquisition, government appointments, and changes in government policies and regulations.

The Kerala Gazette is published in both print and digital formats. The print edition is available for purchase at government bookstores and can also be subscribed to by individuals and businesses. The digital edition can be accessed online on the official website of the Government of Kerala.

Overall, the Kerala Gazette is an important tool for promoting transparency and accountability in the government. By making official notifications and orders available to the public, it helps to ensure that citizens and businesses are aware of important government decisions and can participate in the democratic process.

The Kerala Gazette is an official weekly journal released by the government of Kerala, India.

The Kerala Gazette publishes all the texts of the new laws and government decisions in Kerala. Kerala Gazette notification is the official authentication of the Kerala government.

Government Advertisements are given free of cost upon official request from concerned Departments.

Any adult or an adult on behalf of his guardianship for minors can give private Advertisements, in respect of change of name/signature/religion and correction of casts made on payment basis and on prescribed forms available from the Superintendent of Govt.

Presses at the Government Central Press, Thiruvananthapuram and at various District Forms Offices directly or by post upon request.

The cost of Forms will be collected later along with the advertisement charges. Documentary evidences should be produced in proof of all claims related with the advertisement.

Publication Assistant,
Administrative Assistant
Govt. Central Press,
Thiruvananthapuram and
Dist Forms Officers in other Districts.

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