Krishnan Nair better known by his stage name Jayan was a Malayali Indian film actor.

He was considered as a superstar in Malayalam cinema during the 1970s. He had prominent roles as an action hero.Jayan was born in 1938 in Kollam, Travancore.

Jayan started his career with acting in minor roles. His first film was Shapa Moksham. Jayan got his first major break with Thacholi Ambu in which he acted as a co-hero. What made Jayan a superstar was his negative hero role in Sarapanjaram

Jayan was very different from the typical Malayalam film stars of the then time in the sense that he had a good physique that befitted an action hero. With Jayan the advent of Serious Action movies began.

Jayan was killed in an accident on 16 November 1980, on the sets of the movie Kolilakkam. He was 42 then and at the height of his popularity.

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