College of Agriculture, Padannakad, Nileswar, Kasaragod

The College of Agriculture, Padannakad, offers only bachelor's degree programme in Agriculture-B.Sc. (Ag). Five batches of students have already been admitted. At present the annual intake capacity of students is 37.

The college is located 9 km south of Kanhangad town and 1 km north of Nileshwar town on the side of National Highway - NH 17 in Kasaragod District. Padannakad is well connected by road as well as rail.The nearest railway station is Nileshwar.

The College of Agriculture, Padannakad, was started in 1994, as the third agricultural college under the Faculty of Agriculture of the Kerala Agricultural University.

The college library provides textbooks, reference books and important periodicals in all subjects taught in the college.

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