How to Promote your Business or Brand in Social Media ?

Nowadays social media has a big impact on our lives. With increased penetration of the internet and advancement in mobile phone technology and networking more and more people are getting access to the internet and social media. In India even in rural areas high speed internet connections are becoming a reality and crores of new internet users are being added every year. This is offering a great opportunity and potential to companies and small businesses because the cost of advertising and promoting is comparatively low in the internet medium compared to conventional advertising platforms.

So how do you promote your business or brand in social media ?

Since more people and businesses are coming to advertise and promote their brand in social media and internet advertising competition is also becoming high. So don’t expect it to happen overnight. You need to take consistent steps to become a star in social media.

Top Social Media Apps in India - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram

There are 100s of social media websites and apps. Depending on your business model or products you handle you can consider many such sites but basically you must consider creating accounts in these 4 social media apps - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram. This is my personal choice. So first create an account in all these if you haven't done already. In Facebook, create it as a Page instead of an account - many businesses keep it as an account but a Page is more flexible. If you already have a personal account in Facebook then you can create a page from there. People can live and follow a page easily compared to a facebook account.

Start Adding the Unique and Relevant Content

Once the account is created start adding content which must be unique and relevant to your business or brand. Don’t simply copy paste from other sites or social media pages. This is very important. If you do that then there will be copyright issues and search engines mark your pages as low quality content. This will affect your post’s performance. So always stick to some quality guidelines while posting on social media. Also don’t take images or videos from other sites. Be careful about copyright issues and always try to put your own images, articles and videos. Also try to post only relevant content which matches your business.

Consistency is the Key

Most people create a page or social media account, post something and then forget about it. That way it will not work. You need to update something daily if possible or at least 2-3 posts per week is necessary to bring it to the mainstream. Millions of photos, videos and articles are being added to social media sites every day. So to become a prominent among them you have to do some hard work. It is not an easy task to achieve something good in social media especially in business kind of things because people mainly come to social media for entertainment. So to attract them for some business related thing you need to work extra hard.

Paid Promotion

Most of the social media apps and sites offer paid promotion options. If you have enough money for advertising then this is a good option to get quick reach in social media. Sign up with promotion, fix a daily and monthly budget and bid accordingly. Always stick to your budget and check it is working out in your area of business.

Self Promotion

Also it is important to inform your new page to your friends and relatives and tell them to follow or like your page or account. Also request your customers to do the same and write reviews about your business in your social media pages. Include your social media account details in your website, company letterhead, visiting card etc. If any of your friends or relatives have a popular social media page then request him/her to share your page.

Social media promotion is not a difficult task - everybody can do it but you need to be consistent in your efforts - lots of hard work and dedication required. It is not a one day or one week job. You need to keep on updating it regularly and slowly it will work out for you.