Malayalam Movie Veeraputhran Review and Stills


Veeraputhran is about the life of a freedom fighter, Mohammed Abdu Rehman, who fought hard against the British rule in India. Narain dons the role of Mohammed Abdu Rehman. Earlier Prithviraj was supposed to do the role.

Narain is making a come back to Malayalam film industry through this historical film. The character of Mohammed Abdu Rehman will be a great one for Narain to prove his ability as an actor. The hardships Mohammed Abdu Rehman faces in his struggle as a freedom fighter and his tragic personal life will be portrayed in Veeraputhran.

Life of Rehman from 1921 to 1945 will be depicted in this film. Veeraputhran is scripted and directed by P T Kunju Muhammed. Bollywood actress Raima Sen will portray the role of Mohammed Abdu Rehman’s wife 'Kunji Beevathu'.

Veeraputhran : Prithviraj as Freedom Fighter