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Vairam is the story of a father (PashuPathy) who fights for justice, as he looses his daughter who is raped and killed by Thalikkulam Josootty. When the law was blinded by political and money power, he had no other option than to hunt down josootty.

An investigative journalist Annie Jacob (Samvritha Sunil) of a popular magazine diggs up the whole story, which becomes a sensation.

An offbeat advocate Ravi Varma (Suresh Gopi) takes up the case for re investigation. The DYSP of crime branch Thomas Erali (Mukesh) investigates the crime with great zeal, and then the real truth is exposed. The advocate, police officer, and the journalist together starts the fight for justice.

The main cast includes, Pashupathy, Suresh Gopi, Jayasoorya, Samvritha Sunil, Meera Vasudev, Thilakan, Hari Sree Ashokan, Kpac Lalitha, Ashokan, Rekha, Urmila Unni, Biyon etc

The film depicts the fear and anguish of all parents who have a daughter child. This will be an eye openor for all the sections of the society says the director Nishad.M.A.

When I heard the story from the director Nishad.M.A, immediately i felt the social relevence of the subject which is up to date. It was also a challenge as a script writer to write authentically a subject of crime and justice, say Cheriyan Kalppakavady the Script writer

This Story is by the Director (Nishad.M.A) and scripted by Cheriyan kalppakavady, who has also scripted for Bharya Swantham Suhurthu, Banaras.

Photography is by Sanjeev Shankar, Art by Gireesh Menon, Costumes Sunil Rahman, Make up P.N.Mani, Lyrics Giresh Puthenchery, Music Jaychandran, and Stills by Mahadevan Thampi.

The film is produced by Siva Rao in the banner of CINEMA NSR Pvt ltd.
Meera Vasudev Samvrutha
Art Girish Menon
Samvrutha Meera Pasupathi Rekha
Samvritha Sunil
Dhanya Still
Make Up Man Pn Mani
Dhanya Pasupathi Meera Vasudev 1
Suresh Gopi Still 13
Meera Vasudev 1
Vairam Movie
Suresh Gopi Still 11
Dhanya Jayasurya
Suresh Gopi Still 12
Samvrutha Sunil Still
Sureshgopi Mukesh Pasupathi Meera
Pasupathi Meera Vasudev
Camera Sanjeev Shanker
Thilakan Kpac Lalitha
Samvrutha And Meera
Suresh Gopi Mukesh 11
Controller Sanjay Padiyoor