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Suresh Gopi is a famous Malayalam Movie actor. Suresh Gopi has won National award for his performance in the movie 'Kaliyattom'. He is popular for his Police roles in the films like Commissioner, Ekalavyan, Bharathchandran IPS and many more of such detective films.

Suresh Gopi has done many Villain characters as well as some good character roles too. He was doing supporting actor roles in many films during early years of his career, when he got a break through in the film "Thalasthanam" as the hero of the film.

Thalasthanam was followed by Ekalavyan, and Commissioner, two of the most popular films of Suresh Gopi. He became a superstar with these films which were followed by movies like Pathram, Lelam, and Vazhunnoor.

Suresh Gopi's role as Bharathchandran IPS in the film Commissioner is the most remembered of his roles. His dialogue in the same film "Ormayundo Ee Mukham" became very popular among people and is being used by many even today. He is famous for his fervent delivery of English dialogues in the movies that he acts in.

Suresh Gopi's acting potential became evident in his role as "Kannan Perumalayan" in the film "Kaliyattom", which won him the National Award.

Other popular films to his credit are Manichithrathazhu, Mafia, Kashmeeram, The City, Chukkan, Mahatma, Janathipathyam, Summer in Bethlahem, F.I.R, Crime File, Thenkasipattanam, Nariman, Bharatchandran IPS, The Tiger, Chinthamani Kolacase, Rashtram, Pataaka, Bada Dhosth, Smart City, Notebook, Detective, Time, Janmam, Black Cat, Bharathan, Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri and Twenty:20.

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