Vairam Review  
21 Sep 09, 03:09pm

Vairam is the film which can give you Dejavu, not because of the plot but because of its treatment. It makes memories of films made in the late eighties.

Director M.A Nishad’s filmmaking skill is definitely getting evolved after acquiring experience from his other films. Thanks to the support given by technicians.

Film starts with convicting Tamilian Bank employ (Pasupathy) for killing Jose kutty, a wealthy womanizer played by Jayasurya. While getting out of court he gets attacked by some thugs and is hospitalized. Annie (Samvritha) being an investigative journalist gets into hospital which is run by her sister to procure information. Pasupathi tells his story to Annie. In flash back the story of love and vengeance get revealed.

Varma (Suresh Gopi) a Bachelor Lawyer helps Annie in her investigation. Suresh Gopi presents the most boring character who utters dialogues and incisively portray himself , bluffing out as in his many other films. Samvritha as ‘the smart investigative Journalist’ is another trite character.

Pasupathi is worth watching and Jayasurya has done justice to his role.

Overall the film feel banal and from the past.

Sanjeev Shanker’s cinematography is a positive and editor Samjith has done his work without making much noise.

Meera Vasudev is paired with Pasupathy as the mother of a 15 year old girl Manikkutty who get killed. Thilakan and K.P.A.C Lalitha did their work well. Mukesh who arrives in second half of story as Crime branch officer is the friend of Lawyer Varma.

The climax portion takes place in court room and in the tail end audience sigh out ‘who cares’.

The film has absolutely noting new to offer but still watchable.

Thanseer M.A