In Ghost House Inn Review  
25 Mar 10, 04:49pm

They are back again. Again with laughs, songs and friendship sorry err… and ghosts. This time the friends unite at a mansion bought by Thomaskutty (Asokan) which has a bad name attached, that the bungalow has ghosts.

Welcome all aficionados of In Harihar Nagar; here is a film that can be placed in class with the original. Those who questioned Lal's venture, To Harihar Nagar get slapped in both cheeks with this fast moving entertainer. When Lal made the second part (To Harihar Nagar) it felt like he is just cashing in on the popularity of the former. Through this film, Lal adds value to the series he created with director Siddique.

In Ghost House Inn has a very good/ scary story and is nicely executed by this commercial director. The good part is that it won't challenge your brain and there are not many bad comedies. Characters (more than actors) are convincing and mischievous as always.

This is what we can call a pure entertainer. The first part is moving at 140 km/hr while the former half of post interval has a small lag. Lal who knows the mind of every viewer plays a cat and mouse with them. The master mind answers each and every moment in the film with his unique story telling manner. Every question that pops up in the mind of viewers gets resolved one by one.

The film starts seventy years from the present time. The title graphics which follows this is above average. The new songs seem to hit the charts. Horror scenes are made well. Camera by Venu is praiseworthy. Prasant Madhav’s art is notable.

The actresses who arrive as wives are interesting. The film is noted for the absence of Salim Kumar and Suraj. Harisree Asokan with his modest role has done some effective humor. Nedumudi does a good character and the four is as usual legendarily funny. Jegatheesh is the show steeler.

The film has aptly made use of the resources available and is constructed at a modest budget. This movie is a must see for your family this season.

According to foursomes, the whole point of a vacation is to be away from the family. But why do they bring their wives this time. It is up to you to find out.

The question that crops up in my mind is how Lal alone can do a script like this in less than a year? He must know magic.

Apart from some cinematic gimmicks this film is completely fool proof.

The film will run 100 days. Now other contesters for this vacation can compete for the second place. Cheers Lal.

Thanseer M.A
Rating : 3 / 5

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