Bhramaram Review  
26 Jun 09, 05:26pm

Blessy is back this time with Mohanlal with a good movie Bhramaram. The movie is definitely brillinat in parts. The director was succesful in maintaing the tempo of the movie most of the time except for in some scenes.

There are few holes in the plot but still the script and direction are good compared to Calcutta News or Palunku.The camera by Ajay Vincent is good and the editing is also not very bad.But the grahics used in many scenes is ridilculous the music is considerably good and performance of the supporting cast commendable.

Bhramaram is a road movie with the second half almost fully a journey and what happen in between.The movie opens with a stranger arrives at Unnikrishnan's house in Coimbatore claiming to be a friend but Unnikrishnan could not place him.His mysterious behavior makes the family suspcious.The incidents that follow make the plot of the movie.....The director maintains the tempo and thrill till the climax where the thrill is lost..but the director succede it in ending the movie well.

There is one little thing that makes the movie special and that is the performance of one man...Mohanlal.It has been long since we have seen him like this.He plays his role to perfection portraying all the mood swings of the man with ease without doubt one of the best performance by him......His performance makes the movie a must watch for all movie goers.

My rating 7.5/10 of which 3 is just for the brilliant actor Lalettan.....

Jose Thomas

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