Aagathan Review  
12 Feb 10, 03:36pm

After a series of flops, film Aagathan brings director Kamal back on track with audience. Aagathan is positioned as a good film targeted both for family and the youth.

Kamal’s trademark of beautiful frames, love and family is interlaced deliciously in this film.

Viewers who arrive to watch this Dileep film will not be left unsatisfied. Dileep has trimmed his fat and is portraying a serious character in the film and hence the comedy component is missing. No character is added just to create comedy. The film has a genuine feel and Kamal has brought out the actor in Dileep through Aagathan.

Some scenes like that with Babu Namboothiri could have been pruned more.

Sathyaraj stands as the epitome of an army officer. His posture and portrayal of character is par excellence. His delivery of dialogue in climax is incomparable.

The film is filled with actors which add freshness to Malayalam screen like the Southern sensation Charmi and the beautiful Sereena Wahab.

Biju Menon acts as a doctor. Lal as drunkard ex military and Innocent who twinkles here and there do push the story forward.

Cinematography by Ajayan Vincent has weaved beautiful dream like atmosphere to make audience cool their eyes. Editing is fine though the editor shows his presence. Music by Ouseppachan is cool.

The film starts in a flashback in Kashmir where Goutham Menon (then seven years old) loses his family in a terrorist attack. Years later he comes back to his own place. On his travel to Bangalore he meets a girl Sruthi (Charmi). Sruthi gets attracted to Gautham and later falls in love. When her family plans their engagement Gautham, Sruthi and relatives goes to meet Sruthi’s father Retired Army man Hareendranath Varma. Goutham has many objectives to fulfill. How he achieves them forms the second part of the film written by Kamal and Kalavoor Ravi Kumar. Kalavoor Ravi Kumar’s previous film was Dileep starrer Swa. Le.

After a lousy year of 2009, Dileep got an average opening this year with his release Bodyguard which came with much higher expectations.

Aagathan is a big budget film and gets average report from the initial audience. The film is expected to be a comeback vehicle for both Guru and Shishya. Aagathan is most beautifully treated film with colorful frames, beautiful actors and enjoyable music. This two hour film won’t bore you, though nothing unique can be expected.

Thanseer M.A
Rating : 3/5

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