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Kollam -> Pathimoonnu Kannara Bridge

Pathimoonnu Kannara Palam (13 Arch Bridge) at Kazhuthurutti, is a very beautiful sight in the Kollam district of Kerala. We passed this bridge on our way to Chennai from Alapuzha. It was a very god experience. The bridge which was constructed during the British regim using Surki construction. In this period there were no cement in use for constructions.Pathimoonnu Kannara Bridge

The bridge has 13 arches. Built on 13 arches, this bridge is a commemoration of colonial era. The bridge, sandwiched by the Kollam-Shenkottai National Highway at one side and the River Kazhuthurutti on the other, offers a visual fete at a length of 102.72 metres and 5.18 metres height. Even after 100 years of its construction, the bridge shows no signs of deterioration.

This bridge holds one of India's oldest mountain rails enroute to Thenmala-Chenkotta. This was once used as the major trade route between Quilon (Kollam) and Chennai. The train journey through this route was a very pleasant experience as the train pass through dense forests, long tunnels, steeps and slopes.

This Kollam-Shenkottai meter gauge railway remains as a monument of British Engineering Technology. The route was built mainly for the transporation of crops like Pepper and other spices to Madras from Kollam. Now the meter gauge train service has come to an end in this line for making broad-gauge lines which means the whole line has to be reconstructed. Steps has to be taken to protect this historical monument.


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