Onam Pookalam | Onam Flower Carpet

Onam Pookalam or flower arrangement is one of the major attractions during Onam festival in Kerala. People of Kerala make amazing designs for their Pookalams. During the Onam season there are many Pookalam competitions in Kerala and also among Keralites who reside outside Kerala.

Onam Pookalams otherwise called ‘Athapookalam’ also. Traditionally, Onam Pookalams are made from the Atham Day and continues till Thiruvonam Day.

Pookalams are mostly made in circular shapes. Various flowers of different colours are used for making Athapookalams. Thumba Poo has a special importance in Onam Pookalams.

In old days, children used to collect flowers for Pookalams from the village gardens in their basket. Now a days, with the number of nuclear families becoming more, people buy flowers of their choice from the markets.

Also, the pookalam designs have changed from the traditional 10 rounds to pictures and other designs.